Sequestration Frustration

Budget Cuts 2

Today, Senate Republicans filibustered a Democratic-sponsored bill intended to stave off the mandatory cuts. So, the second half of the fiscal cliff is at hand, and we are all about to plunge over the edge. Every state will be affected.

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DoD Moves Beyond Blackberry

Mobile Phones

Washington used to be synonymous with Blackberry. Those days are starting to change. DoD announced to AppleInsider, that it was moving to a “platform agnostic” status. That means the Pentagon will soon open its network to both Apple and Android devices.

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Hagel Confirmed for Defense


After using the filibuster to hold up the confirmation vote of a cabinet secretary for the first time in American history, the Senate today confirmed Chuck Hagel as the next Secretary of Defense. That appointment could mean reduced DoD spending.

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Pentagon Mum on Sole-Source Contracts

Budget Cuts

The 2012 Defense Authorization bill requires that all sole-source contract awards must have written justification. Non-compete contracts are generally only permitted under the 8 (a) program to encourage small businesses and those owned by qualified socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.

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