Company Overview- PROCAS Accounting Software Solutions

PROCAS, LLC provides solutions for government contractors, including PROCAS Accounting, PROCAS Time, PROCAS Expense and PROCAS Reports. PROCAS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. We also offer consulting and technical support services.

Our mission is to support government contractors with DCAA compliant* project accounting software, timesheet software, expense report software and management reporting software that is easy to use, affordable and supported by industry specialists. That's why companies across the country have chosen our solutions. PROCAS was the first to offer a hosted accounting solution and has been doing so since the year 2000.

PROCAS, LLC was founded in Columbia, Maryland in 1997 and has realized a profit and experienced at least a double digit growth in revenue every year. We are located in the building pictured above, adjacent to The Mall in Columbia, MD.

* While the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) does not support, endorse or approve accounting software from any vendor, PROCAS clients report that they consistently pass DCAA audits.

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"…Not only does PROCAS give excellent support but when DCAA was in for a system review our PROCAS Consultant was here too and helped me through the whole process. It went great and I’m thankful to have partnered with PROCAS."

Gale Williams, President
Entrusted Connections, Inc.
"…My PROCAS clients are able to breeze through DCAA audits. PROCAS has been very easy for my clients to learn and manage.

There are very few Government contractors in my area that can afford Deltek. It's so nice to be able to recommend PROCAS as an excellent solution for Government Contractors."

Patti Van Buren, President
Ethical Solutions, Inc.
"…We looked at Deltek, Great Plains, Platinum, and PROCAS. We selected PROCAS because we rated its capability the highest and happily, it turned out to be the most cost effective alternative. We recommend PROCAS to any government contractor considering a new accounting software package."

Jim Wright, Chief Financial Officer
The Leonard Resource Group, Inc.
"What I love most about the PROCAS hosted service is how easy it makes preparing my invoices each month. We switched from QuickBooks PRO to PROCAS and never looked back..."

Patricia Durkin, President
Syracuse Environmental Research Associates, Inc.
"Thank you PROCAS. I was informed by the DCAA Auditors that they reached a conclusion that our accounting system is in compliance with DCAA. He told me that our PROCAS based accounting system is in compliance with DCAA requirements based on their observation, demonstration and all the journals and ledgers they reviewed…”

CK Park, President & CEO
Nationwide IT Services, Inc.
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