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"Thank you PROCAS. I was informed by the DCAA Auditors that they reached a conclusion that our accounting system is in compliance with DCAA. He told me that our PROCAS based accounting system is in compliance with DCAA requirements based on their observation, demonstration and all the journals and ledgers they reviewed.

This could not have happened without your team’s professionalism, expertise and knowledge of PROCAS, not to mention their expertise of DCAA requirements.

I feel I am very fortunate to have selected PROCAS and an opportunity to get the support of such professionals.

Your sales team has been trying to get me to use PROCAS for two years and I have to thank them for their persistence as well.

I can positively say that they did not bend any truth. You made a believer out of me for PROCAS, and I will be your messenger about PROCAS from now on."

    CK Park, President & CEO
    Nationwide IT Services, Inc.
    Alexandria, VA

"The PROCAS Team is by far the most customer focused company that I have encountered in my over 35 years in the business. Keep up the good work!"
    Dr. Richard P. Brent, Chief Operating Officer
    The ASTA Group, LLC
    Arlington, VA

"We were first attracted to PROCAS because it was built for compliance for the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations. We were not let down. Not only does PROCAS give excellent support but when DCAA was in for a system review our PROCAS Consultant was here too and helped me through the whole process. It went great and I’m thankful to have partnered with PROCAS."
    Gale Williams, President
    Entrusted Connections Incorporated
    Woodbridge, VA

"I work with PROCAS on a daily basis. The PROCAS staff is wonderful and the support provided is excellent. I am a CFO type consultant specializing in Government Contract finance and accounting. I have about 17 years of hands-on Deltek experience and over 8 years of PROCAS. I am an ex-DCAA senior auditor with 18 years of private industry experience. My company turned 12 years old in August 2010. I am the CFO for 10 PROCAS clients. All run spotless and ethical. My PROCAS clients are able to breeze through DCAA audits. PROCAS has been very easy for my clients to learn and manage.

There are very few Government contractors in my area that can afford Deltek. It's so nice to be able to recommend PROCAS as an excellent solution for Government Contractors."

    Patti Van Buren, President
    Ethical Solutions, Inc.
    Virginia Beach, VA

"Our company has experienced tremendous growth and was looking for an accounting package that would satisfy not only our government clients’ needs for audit accountability, but could help with the kind of management information that would help us to sustain our growth and profit.

We looked at Deltek, Great Plains, Platinum, and PROCAS. We selected PROCAS because we rated it’s capability the highest and happily, it turned out to be the most cost effective alternative. We recommend PROCAS to any government contractor considering a new accounting software package."

    Jim Wright, Chief Financial Officer
    The Leonard Resource Group, Inc.
    Alexandria, VA

"Our bookkeeper had no previous experience with government contract accounting, but with the PROCAS software and consulting staff, we have been able to file our annual Incurred Cost Reports in a timely fashion and get the government to pay our invoices in 15-30 days which really helps the cash flow and bottom line."
    Dennis Wagner, Owner and Cofounder
    Welkin Sciences, LLC
    Colorado Springs, CO

"NSR grew to more than one hundred employees and twenty million dollars of annual revenue before being acquired by a major government contractor. I very much appreciate the professional services provided by PROCAS during our growth and acquisition and highly recommend PROCAS to any company interested in growing their business in the government contracting arena."
    Andrew R. Riddle, Former President
    National Security Research, Inc.
    Crystal City, VA

"The software training was by far the best I have ever attended! PROCAS' grasp of the FAR requirements, and the ability to distill them into "coherent bites", was extremely valuable to set the stage for the actual software training. Also, the off-line spreadsheets and checklists provide tremendous value and insight into the financial workings of the company.

The software appears to be intuitive, logical and precise; exactly what you want in an Accounting Software. Another added bonus was being able to tap the consultant's CPA advice on the spot, to ensure the software adapts to the way we conduct business."

    Ray Jones, CEO
    VX Aerospace
    Leesburg, VA

"What I love most about the PROCAS hosted service is how easy it makes preparing my invoices each month. We switched from QuickBooks PRO to PROCAS and never looked back. The technical support and accounting support are excellent. I doubt there are many accounting services that can outdo PROCAS when it comes to customer service and support. I highly recommend PROCAS to government contractors. You can count on PROCAS!"
    Patricia Durkin, President
    Syracuse Environmental Research Associates, Inc.
    Fayetteville, NY

"The DCAA auditor was so impressed with the software and my use of PROCAS... She said it was the best audit she had ever overseen! So relieved it went well!

Thank you for PROCAS and working with me through the details!"

    Erin Zimmerman
    Assured Space Access Technologies
    Fountain Hills, AZ

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