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Government procurements require contractors to record employee expenses according to the applicable regulations – rules that are complex and continually changing. Contractors subject to the cost principles of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) must limit travel expenses to amounts allowed by the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR).

Employee travel expenses have been a problem area for many contractors, and it is an area of emphasis under many government audits. The limits on lodging and on meals & incidental expenses (M&IE) are particularly difficult – placing limits by city and country on the amounts claimed. In many cases, the daily rates vary from month to month.

PROCAS Expense streamlines the reporting of expenses and simplifies compliance. The database maintains a complete record of the maximum rates for lodging, M&IE, and mileage reimbursement. Data is cross-indexed for all FTR-listed cities and countries and all dates of travel. The system is automatically updated for periodic changes in the travel regulations. Claimed expenses in excess of the maximums are identified by the system to be processed according to your company’s policies.

PROCAS Expense integrates smoothly with PROCAS Accounting. Employees enter expense report details, choosing from a list of authorized expense categories and tasks. Completed expense reports are approved electronically by supervisors and project managers and are incorporated into the job cost records or indirect expense accounts in PROCAS Accounting.

PROCAS Expense Features

Per Diem Rates
Per diem rates established by the General Services Administration (GSA), the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of State are maintained in the system by city and country and updated automatically every night.

The system applies the maximum per diem rates allowed for lodging and M&IE based on an “itinerary” created using per diem cities.

Furnished Meal Deductions
Appropriate amounts for meals provided by the government or as part of a registration fee are deducted from the daily M&IE per diem rates.

Day of Departure and Return Adjustments
The system adjusts the maximum allowable per diem rates for M&IE for trip departure and return days.

Amounts Claimed in Excess of Maximum
Amounts claimed for lodging or M&IE that exceed the maximum allowable daily amount are automatically identified by the system.

Travel Advances
Travel advances can be recorded by the employee on the expense report and are automatically applied to determine the amount due to the employee.

Expense Types
Companies create their own list of expense types for employees to choose from, i.e., airfare, automobile mileage, lodging, M&IE per diem, office supplies, training, etc. These user-friendly expense types are linked to the appropriate general ledger accounts so that the entries are recorded to the proper accounts within PROCAS Accounting.

Mileage expenses for privately owned automobiles, motorcycles and airplanes are supported by the system. The system calculates the miles traveled from actual starting and ending odometer readings, or the number of miles can be entered based on standard mileage guides. The miles are multiplied by the appropriate rate to calculate the reimbursable amount.

Expense Authorization
Only those expense types that have been authorized are available for employees to choose from. Expense authorizations can be established either by employee or by task.

Payment Methods
Employee paid, company credit card(s), company debit card(s) and other company payment methods are supported by the system. The appropriate general ledger account is established for each payment method so that entries are recorded to the proper accounts within PROCAS Accounting.

Approval by the employee’s supervisor is required, and project approval is optional. Accounting approval is also supported as a final check to ensure that receipts are provided as appropriate.

Email Notifications
Email messages are sent automatically to supervisors and project approvers, if appropriate, to alert them that expense reports are awaiting their approval. Email messages are sent to employees to alert them when expense reports have been approved or disapproved.

Integration with PROCAS Accounting
Employees, projects, tasks, general ledger accounts and other relevant information is imported from PROCAS Accounting into PROCAS Expense, so the setup data is valid and does not require redundant data entry. Once the expense reports have been completed, the expense reports are exported to PROCAS Accounting.

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"…Not only does PROCAS give excellent support but when DCAA was in for a system review our PROCAS Consultant was here too and helped me through the whole process. It went great and I’m thankful to have partnered with PROCAS."

Gale Williams, President
Entrusted Connections, Inc.
"…My PROCAS clients are able to breeze through DCAA audits. PROCAS has been very easy for my clients to learn and manage.

There are very few Government contractors in my area that can afford Deltek. It's so nice to be able to recommend PROCAS as an excellent solution for Government Contractors."

Patti Van Buren, President
Ethical Solutions, Inc.
"…We looked at Deltek, Great Plains, Platinum, and PROCAS. We selected PROCAS because we rated its capability the highest and happily, it turned out to be the most cost effective alternative. We recommend PROCAS to any government contractor considering a new accounting software package."

Jim Wright, Chief Financial Officer
The Leonard Resource Group, Inc.
"What I love most about the PROCAS hosted service is how easy it makes preparing my invoices each month. We switched from QuickBooks PRO to PROCAS and never looked back..."

Patricia Durkin, President
Syracuse Environmental Research Associates, Inc.
"Thank you PROCAS. I was informed by the DCAA Auditors that they reached a conclusion that our accounting system is in compliance with DCAA. He told me that our PROCAS based accounting system is in compliance with DCAA requirements based on their observation, demonstration and all the journals and ledgers they reviewed…”

CK Park, President & CEO
Nationwide IT Services, Inc.
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