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Simplify your business processes with an intuitive approach to the complexity of government contracting. Accounting, timekeeping, expense reporting, and project management are provided with flexible contracts to accommodate your growth.

Technology, Insight, Security and Expertise

Modern architecture, flexibility and functionality that grows with your business. PROCAS is SOC2 compliant and independently audited for security and availability. We’ll help you achieve DCAA Compliance and to be prepared for CMMC 2.0. Integrations with our Technology Partners’ software are included with standard user licensing, with no additional setup or licensing fees from PROCAS.

Modern Software

PROCAS Accounting software was totally rewritten in 2019 to take advantage of modern technology

Preconfigured and Intuitive

Dashboards are designed to automatically connect your data behind the scenes with no setup required

Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery

PROCAS software is continually enhanced with a two-week refresh production schedule, adding functionality based on customer feedback


Integrate with banks, credit card providers, payroll processors, HR software, and single sign-on

Business Intelligence Tools

Customers can connect their data to business intelligence tools for interactive data visualization

Government Contracting Expertise

Let us help you avoid common government contract accounting mistakes

SOC 2 Compliant

PROCAS complies with stringent SOC 2 standards for operational security and availability, the gold standard for validating a SaaS provider’s processes and controls

CMMC 2.0

CMMC assessment will be a baseline requirement for all future government contracts. PROCAS has been assessed by a third party to be compliant with current CMMC 2.0 Level 1 requirements

Private Infrastructure

PROCAS infrastructure is not managed by an outside third party. This ensures the proper security standards for government contracting are being met.

DCAA Compliance

For over 25 years PROCAS has helped companies become DCAA compliant and pass DCAA accounting system audits.

Financial Professionals

Our consulting, support, and sales teams are experienced financial professionals – and all U.S. based


Individualized implementation consulting engagements based on customer needs

Project Accounting Software Designed for DCAA Compliance

Government contractors must uphold standards defined by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) to stay in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) among other regulations. The intelligent financial architecture at the core of the PROCAS software was designed to properly manage the segregation of costs as required in government contract accounting. Timekeeping and Expense reporting features are also aligned with DCAA compliance standards to set you up with a strong foundation to achieve compliance and ultimately secure and maintain government contracts. 

Our Integration Partners

Optimize your business processes with our integration partners. Integrations are designed for convenience and included with your standard user license subscription.

The FAR goes on to specify that indirect costs should be further segregated. FAR 31.203 (b): Indirect costs shall be accumulated by logical cost groupings with due consideration of the reasons for incurring such costs. Each grouping should be determined so as to permit distribution of the grouping on the basis of the benefits accruing to the several cost objectives. The following cost groupings are established to be consistent with the FAR and government contracting conventions:


Experience when you need it

Our sales, consulting, and support staff are all accountants with government contracting knowledge. We are focused on delivering DCAA compliance and operational efficiencies to help you grow. We’ll work with your company throughout the entire implementation process – from tailoring the standard setup to providing training for using the PROCAS software on a day-to-day basis.


Our Service Partners

Work with a specialist

Don’t have internal resources to manage your accounting? PROCAS works with industry specialists who offer a variety of services to accommodate the level of assistance you need. Check out our trusted partners!

Streamlined Processes and Business Insight

Visualize your financial status and progress on your projects with:

Intelligent Financial Architecture

streamlines set up processing and expedites month-end closing

Preconfigured Setup

accelerates implementation while allowing for customization

Automated Workflow

from timesheets to invoicing improves cash flow

Process Automation

with intelligent integration to seamlessly connect with industry leading applications

Integration with Power BI

for project management and financial clarity

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Talk to our software consultants to learn how PROCAS can support your government contracting business. Find out how PROCAS scales with your company’s growth and leverages integrations to streamline your business processes.

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