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What We Do


Manage your business and the profitability of your projects.


Make recording time to the right tasks easier.

Expense Reporting

Save time with per diem rates kept up to date for you.

Management Reports

Stay on top of your projects.

WebAPI for Business Intelligence Systems

Securely access your data.

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Rely on our professionally managed IT infrastructure.

DCAA Compliance

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Who We Are

Founded in 1997, PROCAS is a veteran-owned business that provides accounting software for government contractors. PROCAS was started with the simple idea of aligning the way accounting software functions with the way people actually work in a government contracting environment. We strive to make government contractors feel confident, connected, and cared for. Our team of experienced professionals work with you throughout the whole process – from tailoring the standard setup to providing training for using the PROCAS software on a day to day basis.

PROCAS software and the PROCAS Quick Start implementation process were designed to provide guidance for government contractors to simplify Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance. Our accounting, timekeeping, expense reporting, and management reporting software are all integrated into one system to offer our clients a seamless experience.

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DCAA Compliant Accounting System

The DCAA requires that government contractors consistently align the recording of costs with their company’s written policies and procedures. For this reason, no software can be approved as DCAA compliant on its own. The way you use the software in conjunction with best practices, policies, and procedures, ultimately determines if your system is sufficient in supporting contracts. A driving purpose of PROCAS software is to make this process as painless and attainable as possible.

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