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Who We Are

The PROCAS Story

As a controller for a government contractor in the 1990’s, PROCAS’s founder, Jim Wesloh, felt that the available accounting software was unnecessarily difficult to use and expensive. Having used a few other programs, he decided to try creating his own, just to see if it could be done.

PROCAS founder and president Jim Wesloh, CPA
Jim Wesloh, CPA
Founder & President

What motivated him? The simple idea of aligning the way accounting software functioned with the way people actually used it.

PROCAS was founded on two guiding principles:

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t over-complicate things unnecessarily.
  2. Be helpful and look out for others’ best interests.

PROCAS was developed with the user in mind to streamline accounting procedures required by government contractors to achieve compliance. PROCAS saves time, eliminates headaches, and supports those at the center of its success: the people who use the software.

The PROCAS team, from the founder to the support staff, strives to make our clients feel confident, connected, and cared for. If clients have questions, they can access training videos on-demand easily or call the PROCAS help desk which is staffed by U.S.-based individuals with accounting expertise who are happy to help. PROCAS software is the program of choice for the company’s in-house accounting providing its team with hands-on, applied experience each day.


We believe that we can improve the quality of life of our clients by simplifying government contract accounting.


Our mission is to support government contractors by providing a project accounting software solution that is easy to use, affordable, and supported by industry specialists.


Every interaction on our team is guided by our Core Values, expressed in what we call ORBIT.


We share information freely.


We believe that everyone should be treated with care and consideration, and we expect it from everyone both internally and externally.


We strive for stability and vitality in our personal and professional lives.


We are honest, and our actions are consistent with our words.


We support each other in achieving our common goals.