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Accounting Software Built to Support DCAA Compliance

PROCAS is a fully integrated project accounting system designed to help government contractors achieve DCAA compliance. Utilizing modern technology, our intelligent financial architecture helps you manage your costs and projects with greater efficiency. With our approach to ensure that you can demonstrate DCAA compliant accounting software during a DCAA audit, all costs are connected to account classifications that the system understands, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks, monthly closings are faster, and reporting is more accurate. We focus on streamlining your path to DCAA compliance so your time can be spent meeting your contract requirements and exceeding your business goals as your business scales.
screenshot of graphs from PROCAS DCAA compliant accounting software, showing cash flow, accounts reveivable, accounts payable, income statement, balance sheet and financial ratios

Government Contractors Utilizing PROCAS Accounting Benefit from:


Modern technology allowing for seamless integration with industry leading applications.


Our timekeeping and Expense Reporting tools are integrated so information flows directly into the accounting system, providing automated labor distribution.

Easy Invoicing

Government invoicing formats that are easy to customize and are accessible from the accounting system.

Real-time Accounting

Real-time accounting system records maintain complete details from every period, even after the period or year has been closed.


Designed to accommodate both simple and complex indirect rate structures that can be easily adjusted as your company grows. Pricing is also flexible to accommodate the ups and downs of managing your business and contracts.


Proper segregation of costs by expense type, projects, tasks, and logical indirect cost pools align with DCAA compliance standards and supports incurred cost reporting.


Out of the box reports and dashboards come standard with the accounting software and are accessible to all standard users with security permissions.

Logical Design

Managing complex indirect cost pools is simpler by design, taking only a few clicks to set up and including standard indirect rate support to easily confirm allocation logic.

Automated Reconciliations

Auto matching transactions with our bank import and reconciliations between subsidiary ledgers.

DCAA Compliant Accounting Software by Design

We’ll assist your company in meeting the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance requirements. The accounting software was developed specifically for service-based government contractors, providing financial insight to make informed business decisions, with DCAA audit support just a couple clicks away. Save valuable time with a streamlined implementation, preconfigured with setup information such as a default chart of accounts, to meet DCAA requirements. We also understand that your company is unique and will work with you to customize the setup process around your specific needs.

Federal contracting requires the proper categorization and management of all costs, including unallowable or unbillable costs. Your chart of accounts must be structured to align with guidelines from the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). To learn more about these compliance requirements and recommendations, read our white paper on the topic: Developing a Chart of Accounts for Federal Contracting Compliance: Requirements and Recommendations.

Efficiently Manage Projects

Managing your projects can be easier with the right tool. The PROCAS accounting system helps you record your project costs so that nothing slips through the cracks. Every transaction recorded to a direct account is validated to ensure a project is associated with it. You can calculate and apply your indirect rates at the end of each month to get an accurate picture of your profitability by project.

Indirect rate support reports tell you exactly what’s in the pool and base for each rate. The point and click indirect rates setup makes it easy to set up your indirect rate structure.

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