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Expense Reports
Designed with DCAA compliance in mind

Expense Reporting Software

Recording expense reports related to government contract work can be a complex process, especially when it comes to travel expenses at home and abroad. In PROCAS, the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) per diem rates and rules are built in, so your employees don’t have to keep track of them. Direct your employees to our free video training series to get them started on our expense reporting software.

PROCAS helps you stay within DCAA expense report compliance requirements by automatically keeping the JTR per diem rates up to date for you. Employees can conveniently attach receipts electronically right on the expense report, making it easy for approvers and administrators to review. Electronic signatures ensure compliance with the DCAA expense report rule that requires expense reports to be signed by the employee in ink.


Simplified Process

  • Only displays the charge codes that apply to the user
  • Calculates the appropriate JTR per diem rates automatically
  • Allows the attachment of electronic receipts

Travel Itinerary

  • Record travel dates, times, and locations in one place
  • Accommodates multiple destination cities in a single trip
  • Calculation of JTR per diem rates

Integrated System

  • Uses setup information from the accounting system – no redundant setup
  • Expense report information is seamlessly converted into financial transactions


PROCAS Expense was developed based on guidance in the Joint Travel Regulations.

  • Electronic Signature
  • JTR Per Diem Rates
  • Day of Departure and Return Adjustments
  • Furnished Meal Deductions
  • Overages
  • Mileage Rates
  • Attach Receipts Electronically
  • Approval Process

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