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Going Live with PROCAS Quick Start

Implementation costs associated with transitioning to a new accounting system are usually a pretty sizable expense. Much of the expense stems from the time it takes to make all of the decisions that determine a company’s accounting, project, and rate structures.

Over our years of experience, we’ve realized that after all of that time spent decision-making, the results are basically the same for most companies. So why not start there? Our answer is the PROCAS Quick Start process. We’ve set up “standard” accounting, project, and rate structures that fit most small to mid-sized government contractors.

We realize that one size doesn’t always fit all companies, so throughout the process, we walk you through the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements and discuss your company’s specific needs to tailor your company’s setup. Working with an experienced consultant and using our step-by-step User’s Manual, most of our clients are up and running in a fraction of the time it takes for other software.

What to Expect

Work with Consultants

You will be assigned a consultant from PROCAS who will contact you to schedule your first Quick Start session. The entire process will be scheduled in multiple sessions until you have completed your company setup and received training on using the software on a day to day basis.

Compliance Overview

The first Quick Start session will begin with a seminar to review the DCAA accounting system requirements and how they are handled in PROCAS.

Implemented Remotely

Since we typically work remotely, you save on the travel expenses often associated with software implementations. It also means that we can start working with you, no matter where you are.

Default Setup

The accounting system comes with standard information already set up to make PROCAS Quick Start as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Your consultant will work with you to modify the standard setup and to train you on entering your company’s information and on using the software.

Import Setup Data

You have the option of importing your company's personnel, vendor, client, project, and/or labor category data into the system.

Standard Reports

Hundreds of reports are included with the standard package to save you both time and money.

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