Infrastructure | PROCAS | DCAA Compliant Accounting Software


Just as our accounting software is supported by industry specialists, our infrastructure is supported by experienced IT professionals. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows you to leverage PROCAS infrastructure and IT staffing resources, freeing your company’s resources to invest more into growing your business.


  • Data is protected with encrypted connections to our servers
  • PROCAS application access is password protected
  • Data centers where our equipment is located are closed to the public
    • Access is restricted to authorized personnel
    • Monitored by video-surveillance systems

PROCAS is SOC compliant!

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  • Each of our data centers are capable of supporting all of our clients’ processing needs
  • Continuous replication of data between the data centers across a dedicated communication link
  • Server, network, and power redundancies at each data center to avoid single points of failure
  • Regularly scheduled migration of the primary production workload from one data center to the other
Infographic of PROCAS server infrastructure