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Affordable & Scalable

PROCAS is built to grow with you. The Software as a Service fees include automatic updates and technical support.

  • PROCAS Quick Start process is efficient and cost-effective to keep implementation affordable
  • Software as a Service is billed month-to-month, with no long term contracts
  • Add or remove timekeeping and expense reporting users as you need them

Getting Started

Configuration Fees

The cost to get started with PROCAS is $4,450.

The fees include the configuration of PROCAS Accounting, Time and Expense for your company and our PROCAS Quick Start program.

PROCAS Quick Start

After decades of serving government contractors, we’ve determined that it takes an average of 24 hours with your PROCAS Consultant to be up and running on the system. We help by including up to 24 free hours of consulting time within the first 90 days of becoming a PROCAS client.

The standard setup of the PROCAS Quick Start process allows us to implement our clients for a fraction of the time and cost of many competing software solutions.

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Monthly Costs

Accounting Users

Each accounting user is $245 per month. If you are not sure how many you need, our clients generally have one accounting user for every 50 employees.

Timekeeping Users

Timekeeping users are $5 per user, in blocks of five. You can include your consultants or subcontractors, so you can bill their time more quickly.

Expense Reporting Users

Expense reporting users are also $5 per user, in blocks of five. Our clients typically have about a third of their personnel using PROCAS Expense.

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Billed in 5 User Blocks

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