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PROCAS Delivers Next Generation Government Contract Accounting Solution

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New PROCAS Features Simplify the Complexities of Government Contract Accounting for Emerging Contractors and Established Enterprises.

COLUMBIA, Md. – January 9, 2024 — PROCAS, a leading provider of financial solutions for government contractors, today announced the next release of its scalable financial solution that blends user-friendly design, compliance-centered features and customer-focused innovation to simplify the complexities of government contract accounting. 

One significant improvement is in automation and accuracy. PROCAS now directly connects with banks for transaction imports, which makes accounting tasks faster and more accurate.

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“Our goal has always been to equip government contractors with a scalable, user-friendly system that simplifies government contracting,” said Jim Wesloh, Founder and President of PROCAS. “These new features reinforceour commitment to customer-centric innovation. The direct bank import feature, in particular, minimizes manual effort, offering our users a seamless and efficient accounting experience.”

Key New Features

Bank Import Functionality: Transactions can be pulled directly from banks and recorded seamlessly, aiding in faster and more accurate accounting and bank reconciliations.

Credit Card Import: Now offering direct connections with banks to import transactions for more efficient credit card reconciliations.

Plaid Integration: Compatibility with over 12,000 financial institutions for effortless bank and credit card transaction imports.

Single Sign-On with Microsoft Azure Active Directory: Reducing password fatigue by allowing authentication with existing Microsoft Azure credentials.

Other recent features include HR system integration, which allows streamlined updates from Bamboo, GovConPay and Paylocity, thereby reducing administrative workload, and mobile-friendly timekeeping that enables time entry from any mobile device, aligning with the needs of the modern workforce. The PROCAS core offerings include DCAA compliance tools, end-to-end operational solutions, transparent pricing and data analytics capabilities.


PROCAS has been a market leader in project accounting for government contractors for over 25 years. With its unparalleled expertise and innovative, customer-focused solutions, PROCAS remains committed to helping contractors seamlessly navigate the complexities of government contracting. To learn more about PROCAS visit the Web and LinkedIn


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