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Are You Considering Alternatives to Deltek Costpoint?

Your government contracting business thrives when efficiencies allow you to focus on the services you provide so your company can grow. PROCAS was built from the ground up using modern technology that offers the foundation and framework for streamlining your accounting processes. Pricing is scalable and affordable, with no long-term contracts. PROCAS is designed to help you achieve DCAA compliance without exorbitant implementation costs and the need for sizable accounting teams to manage the system.

Why Government Contractors Choose PROCAS Over Deltek Costpoint

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Intelligent Financial Architecture Saves You Time

Modern technology and an interconnected framework on the backend dramatically reduce the steps required to manage your accounting processes. Calculating and applying indirect rates for the entire company can be done with 3 clicks of the mouse.

Out-of-the Box Standard Reports Are Accessible and Ready to Use

Customize reports as needed from within the system and project reports can be generated at each WBS level from the same report.

Dashboards Are Available When You Go Live

Ready-to-use dashboards empower you with visibility to up-to-date cash balances, A/R, A/P, profit/loss, project reports, budget vs. actual reports, etc.

Standard Integrations Provide a More Affordable Solution

There is no additional cost, development, or consulting required.

Seamless Connections to Bank Accounts

PLAID integration makes this connection seamless, and rules can be set to further automate matching and classifications of transactions.

Detail Level Visibility Means Fewer Steps and Greater Accuracy

Detailed information is accessible from the General Ledger, so adjustments are only made in one place. Gone are the days of balancing subledgers.

Drill Through from Financial Statements to Transactions

Mouse clicks take you from financial statements line items, to accounts, to vendors and clients, to transactions, to the data entry form for the original journal entry.

Streamline Your Month-End Close Process

Leveraging the benefits listed above allows you to close your books within days, not weeks!

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Talk to our software consultants to learn how PROCAS can support your government contracting business. Find out how PROCAS scales with your company’s growth and leverages integrations to streamline your business processes.

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