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Supporting DCAA Compliant Timekeeping
that’s Intuitive and Integrated

Built to facilitate DCAA compliance for government contractors, from timesheet entry and audit trails, to approvals and labor costing. Timekeeping is an integral part of DCAA audit compliance, and government contractors rely on accurate insight into employees’ time to efficiently manage their projects and people. PROCAS provides detailed visibility to make data-driven decisions. We’re here to support your growth and success in achieving DCAA compliance.

screenshot of web based timesheet in PROCAS software

PROCAS Timekeeping Benefits Include:

Easy Workflow

Time information flows directly to the accounting system from the timekeeping system, so invoices can be sent more quickly and accurately

DCAA Compliant Labor Collection

  • Detailed audit trails for all entries and changes
  • Automated floor check capability
  • Uncompensated overtime tracking and effective hourly rate calculations for salaried employees


Administrator defined charge codes with customizable defaults save time for employees

Paid Time Off

PTO requests, approvals, and balances available in the timekeeping system


Utilize our API to produce custom timekeeping reports in Power BI, Excel, or other business intelligence tools

Mobile Timekeeping

Time can easily be entered from any mobile device, without the need for installing an app. Our timekeeping system is responsive and automatically adjusts to mobile view when accessed from a phone or tablet. More timely recording and submission reduces timesheet inaccuracies, expediting approvals and billing, ultimately helping you to achieve DCAA compliance.

screenshot of time tracking software accessed from a mobile phone

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