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PROCAS Software Update & Happy Holidays!

We are excited to bring you some long-awaited news of the PROCAS Accounting upgrade! Our entire team has been very busy this year working on the development of the upgraded accounting software. We are grateful for the many clients that agreed to jump on board early and help us improve the usability and functionality of the software before a general release.

The upgraded version, while closely based on the existing version that you are used to, is accessed directly from a web browser. Since it is web-based, the user interface is quite different than what you are currently familiar with. We also have the flexibility to improve how things work and to continuously add new features and functions.

Upgrade Logistics

We are slowly transitioning our clients to make sure everyone gets one-on-one time with a consultant to help get acclimated to the new user interface and many of the new features. Part of the transition includes an import of all your existing data into the new system. This means that you will maintain all the general ledger transaction, invoice history, and setup details that you have now. This also means that you can transition during any time of the year, regardless of where you are in the accounting cycle.

By the way, there is no added cost to upgrade—not even the time spent with your consultant! We want all our clients to enjoy the new software without an unplanned hit to their bottom line.

Our transition schedule is full through the end of this year, and we are looking to start adding clients to the list for 2020. If you are interested in a demo to learn about new features, or how to get on the transition wait list for 2020, send us an email at

From all of us at PROCAS, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season!

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!

– The PROCAS Team

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